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Blue Shark Snorkel Trips

Join us aboard the Celtic Fox departing from Penzance harbour and heading out through the marine conservation zone of Mounts Bay where Dolphins, whales and blue-fin tuna can often be sighted before reaching the open ocean where we hope to find the blue sharks. Slip into your wetsuit and Snorkelling gear to swim alongside these majestic creatures.

Cost and How to Book

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DEPOSIT: £6o required at the time of booking.

The remaining amount is due on the day and is to be paid at the office either on card or with cash.


DEPOSIT: £333 required at the time of booking.


DEPOSIT: £400 required at the time of booking.

Maximum of 10 passengers

You will be contacted 24/48 hours before the trip to let you know if the forecast is ok to go.

*Please note, we cannot pay or help towards reimbursing for any cancelled accommodation if the trip cannot go ahead.


Your safety is our priority.

At blue shark snorkel we provide you with the safest interaction possible.

We are diligent about checking the latest weather forecast and sea conditions. If the conditions are not suitable the trip will be cancelled. You will receive a full refund or the option to reschedule.

Blue sharks are very intelligent and will approach objects (including humans) very slowly and cautiously. Once they are comfortable with our presence they will become more inquisitive. We have the experience to monitor the well-being of each shark we swim with, providing you and the sharks with the safest encounter.

You will have a qualified snorkel guide with you in the water at all times.

Safety ropes are also attached to the back of the boat for you to hold onto if you wish.


  • Arrive at least 20 minutes before departure to allow time to park, get changed and pay.
  • Due to tides, the departure time will be confirmed 24/48hrs before the trip – but it’s normally between 9-10AM.
  • Listen to the captain’s safety briefing
  • We will head out to our shark snorkelling destination!
  • On the way out we will discuss in detail how to safely swim with the sharks and what to expect.
  • The iced chum is placed in the water and we wait for the sharks. (This can be anything from 1-3 hours)
  • We aim to return to the harbour by 4/5 pm. Depending on the sharks and weather conditions we could be back at a different time.
  • Say our good-byes!

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Book your shark snorkelling experience today...

Book your shark snorkelling experience today...